Personal Loan

Planning a holiday?
Courting a new smartphone?
Wedding anniversary coming up?
Renovating your home?
What your need is personal loan that gets you instant access to cash in the simplest way.


  • Existing customers with a good record for at least 3 months
  • Employees from reputed corporates with at least 1 year of service
  • Three years of work experience overall
  • Age Group: 21-58 years
  • Minimum Income: UGX 200,000 (net monthly)

Features & Advantages

  • Minimum arrangement fees
  • Minimum documentation and paper work
  • Most competitive interest rates in the market
  • Installments under 40% of the monthly net take home pay
  • Loan repayable in fixed monthly installments
  • Monthly installment can be deducted from salary account
  • Re-borrowing enabled after one year upon closure of existing loan
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